Do You Already Know The Best Destinations For 2021?

In contrast to 2020 marked by the coronavirus pandemic, 2021 looks like a hopeful year. The distribution of vaccines and the long-awaited herd immunity they promise seem to bring us a little closer to normal. In this future scenario, if all goes well, we can recover the joy of traveling. And it is that, after months living inside the home, our desire to see the world and do tourism have multiplied. That is why, with the optimistic attitude of those who expect everything to go according to plan, we have begun to fantasize about the best travel destinations for 2021. Are you with us on this return to the globe? There will be time to decide where to escape and how.

Alicante, City Of Anecdotes And Good Memories

Alicante (Valencia) can boast of being the province of Spain with more blue flag beaches, which is already a good starting point. But, in addition, jumping from town to coastal town is much more entertaining than doing it. We talk about sun, beach, honest gastronomy, and an important cultural legacy. The latter leads us, precisely, to tour the historic center of the capital and the surroundings.

Europe: Madeira, Coisa Linda

Portugal in general and Madeira, in particular, are always a good idea. To begin with, the Portuguese country conquers with amazing ease awards and tourism competitions as important as the World Travel Awards, in whose edition of 2020 it won ‘Best destination,’ ‘Best beach destination’ and ‘Best destination for urban getaways’ in Europe. The charm of the Algarve and its beaches, Lisbon and its trams, or Porto and its nostalgic air is well known.

Best Travel Destinations For 2021 With Exotic Airs

2021 may be a good time to visit Sri Lanka before it becomes as crowded as its neighboring countries. A good travel itinerary is to visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites: the holy city Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Singaraja forest reserve, the sacred city of Kandy, Galle and its fortifications, the Golden Temple of Dambulla, and the central plateaus of the country. While doing this route, you can enjoy its incredible beaches, spot blue whales and giant tortoises, or merge with nature. And as for this, you will need to be well-rested, stay at Occidental Paradise Dambulla or Occidental Eden Beruwala (spoiler: your spa is a joy!).

Two other travel destinations that never fail, and neither will they in 2021, are Dubai – with Expo 2020 starting in October 2021 as the year’s big event – and Mexico. The first is that it is like diving into a science fiction film, and the second is because it involves landscapes and paradisiacal beaches in the middle of the Caribbean. To cap off the year, you can escape the cold months in the Maldives, a tropical country in the Indian Ocean that looks like a postcard. We can think of no better icing on the icing to close the year!