Rusty garage doors: Tips to Restore the Beauty of Your Rusty Garage Door

Do You Have Rusty Garage Doors? How to Restore Them

Rusty garage doors are the bane of many homeowners’ existence. It seems like no matter what you try, your door is always going to be that way. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help restore your rusty garage door back to its former glory! Calgary garage door repair company has some tips for you!

Use steel wool to rub away at the rust. If you use too much pressure, it can scratch your door, so be careful! Rub until all of the exposed metal has been wiped down and then coat with some oil or wax to prevent future rusting.

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Apply a layer of paint over any rusty areas that are still there. This will help smooth out any bumps in the surface, plus provide you with an extra barrier between water particles and your rusted garage door frame. Just make sure you’re using something like enamel paint – solvent paints might cause more problems than they solve by dissolving underlying layers instead of adhering to them properly.

Clean off dirt if possible before applying anything else. If you can remove it, do so before applying anything to make sure your paint or oil will adhere.

If possible, try using a primer and then topcoat that with the color of your preference. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for something that matches perfectly as opposed to trying to blend colors together manually.

Drip dryer sheets on the frame where moisture may build up over time – this absorbs any excess water from condensation and keeps its surface clean at all times!

Use these tips for restoring rusty garage doors now in order to help them look their best again, while also preventing future rusting thanks to our anti-rust precautions!