Best Schools in Stockholm for Your Children

Top Schools in Stockholm for Your Children

When you move to Stockholm with this company, you feel relieved after finishing such an important task. But, there are many things to be finished once you settle in your home. One of them is finding a good school for your children. Choosing the best school for your children can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider, such as proximity to home and work, distance from other schools in the area, curriculum quality, extracurricular activities offered, and more.

Årsta Skola – located in the borough of Årsta – is an international school that offers bilingual courses. The focus on English, Swedish, and German ensures children are prepared for a globalized world while they learn about their own culture through language classes. The curriculum at this school includes humanities-focused subjects like art history as well as STEM-based topics such as robotics engineering and programming languages. There’s even tuition reimbursement available if your child gets accepted to Kindergarten!


Naturbruksgymnasiet – located in the borough of Rinkeby – offers an agricultural-focused curriculum. This school is perfect for providing children with a traditional Swedish education while still being close to home or work. The focus on math, science, and technology ensures your child will be equipped with the skills needed to succeed in society today.

Södra Latin Vuxenutbildning – this school offers adult education courses for people over the age of sixteen. This school is perfect for any parents who want to continue their own studies while ensuring that they have a great environment in which to raise their children with teachers available all day and night!

The best schools in Stockholm for your child depend largely on what they want from their educational experience; whether they are more interested in humanities or STEM topics, if they need some extra help learning English or Swedish as well as how much time you have available for them outside of class each day.