Get To Know Executive Director and Film Producer

Man Who Achieves Success in Every Business

Surely you have heard of people who achieve great success in their business. However, there are few who achieve success in any business. One such person is Bardya Ziaian, who successfully performs the duties of executive director and film producer.

As an executive director of various companies, he achieved success and led each company to great success and to the achievement of their goals. Although his career is successful in the field of finance and management, he decided to try his hand as a film producer. He made a decision to make a comedy to bring good mood to people.

Bardya Ziaian

He also used his managerial experience in film production so that he very easily identified acting talents and assigned the right role to each one. He was also able to properly channelize his meager finances to make his first independent film. During the filming of this film, he helped many actors who lost their jobs in their theaters during the pandemic. It gave them the opportunity to earn a living, as well as giving them the opportunity to be heard more about them. What is most important is that he always managed to keep his team together because there was excellent cooperation among all team members. All this was possible because of his abilities in communication and in making the right decisions.

If you want to know much more about this successful man, read the full article about Bardya Ziaian. It is certain that this man will continue to achieve success in his future as both a producer and an executive.